Monday, August 20, 2007


Pups, originally uploaded by StoopidGirl.

Baaah ha ha ha ha - I love this boy and this dog! The tongue-age slays me.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

just a leetle kiss

Wow, I had no idea that guys were such fans of MAKING OUT with their dogs! Here's George and his adorable pup Abbie, just a-smoochin down by the fireplace... although she looks a liiiitle skeptical about his advances!!! Is Abbie a Husky, sender-inner Cecilia S.?
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stinky kisses

That's right Todd, resistance is futile. You might be a pirate in real life (love that tat!), but one lick from Stinky Pierre and you (and everyone in a 10-mile radius, I'm guessin) are reduced to mush. Excellent submission, Jen from All-Mighty!

My Guys, originally uploaded by Miss Mazeppa.

NY hold 'em

Here's muh boy Roger again, sittin with one of his best buds. FLOPPY PAW ALERT!!!

NY hold 'em, originally uploaded by Selector M2.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

bunnies and boys?

So maaaaybe the aminal in this pic isn't exaaaactly a dog, but just GO WITH THE CUTENESS people. How can you resist indie-rock heart-throb (LOLZ) Judah from The Velvet Teen, accompanied by a bun? Even the bun doesn't disapprove. (ALSO, I can has astroturf table top?)
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Photo by Sarah Sanger

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

more jeff & finley

Ya gotta love the leetle paw draped over Jeff's shoulder.

finley hold, originally uploaded by AmberBamber.

jeff & finley

This is my friend Jeff (sorry ladies, he's taken!) and his sister's pup Finley. Is Finley a Golden Retriever or a Lab? I can't tell!
stick chompage
finley jeff stick, originally uploaded by AmberBamber.


haha - ridiculous, originally uploaded by Andreya Wickham.

a boy and his pug

Greg & Lucy, originally uploaded by amy_unlikelyinvegas.

a mighty expedition

All Bostons wanna be mountain climbers when they grow up. Mighty's straight practissin for Everest, holmes!

Mighty on Joe, originally uploaded by All-Mighty.

teeny mighty

As a Boston Terrier owner and lover of cute t-shirts, I love the kids over at All-Mighty Clothing. Here's their muse Mighty when he was just a little jelly bean.

Teeny Mighty, originally uploaded by All-Mighty.

SAY AAAAAH HA ha ha ha

A good sense of humor is the sexiest thing about a man, is it not?
that and a 9-inch tongue
Untitled-Scanned-03, originally uploaded by BlueyedMuse.

teeny tiny spotty puppage

Daddy and His Baby!, originally uploaded by ~Mina~.

oh my freeking gawd

OMG, a cute boy with a PUG SNUGGLED UNDER THE COVERS!!! Thanks ncollett1 from flickr, I am now DED

Good Morning Oscar and Chess, originally uploaded by ncollett1.

...haaaaas anyone seen muh dog?

Paco and Christian, originally uploaded by MatthewA.

over and under

Well hello there little smiling Frenchie (and yummy shirtless torso)!

a boy and his dog, originally uploaded by hopefoote.

upside down cuteness

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the pic that started it all

From Cute Overload, the best website evarrr:


If the fervor on Cute Overload (cute tattooed boy plus pup equals the ladies going crazypants) is any indication -- clearly there is a need for an entire website dedicated to hot boys and the dogs who love them. So here's my tiny attempt to fill the void.

Preeeeesenting the first studnpup combo (full disclosure: that's Roger, my cutie-pie pup, as seen on C.O.)!

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